29 August 2009

Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett

BMAG, Pelouro da Cultura CM Porto

'Já desenhaste a tua casa?' is the title of the drawing workshop for children from 4 to 10 years that ASVS will organize on August 28th, at 10.30 am, in 'Sala do Conto' in the children's section of Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett. This initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage children's interest in architecture. The exercise will include the design experiment of their imaginary spaces and the development of a 'project' to build and characterize a card model. The work of these 'small architects' will later be exhibited in ASVS Gallery [Santa Catarina, 678] between September 19th and October 3rd.
Registration in the workshop is free and can be made using the forms available at Biblioteca Almeida Garrett or through [contacts] indicating the participant's name, parent's name, phone, and email and / or any observation about the participant.
ASVS and Biblioteca Almeida Garrett reserve the right to require a deposit of € 5.00 upon registration in order to ensure the presence of the participants. This value will be returned during the activity. The workshop 'Já desenhaste a tua casa?' is limited to 20 participants.