19 September 2009 - 03 October 2009

ASVS Gallery

BMAG, Pelouro da Cultura CM Porto

In September 19th will take place the exhibition of the works done at the workshop 'Já desenhaste a tua casa?', held last August 29th in Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett. The work of all small architects will be exposed until October 3rd.
The exhibition will begin with the delivery of certificates to all participants: Beatriz Barbosa, Maria Fontes, Tomás Fontes, Raquel Félix, Manuel Félix, Inês Cruz, Afonso Oliveira, Francisco Silvestre aka Loke F., Sofia Pereira, Maria Luís Coelho, Inês Cunha, Rita Pais, Sofia Fonseca and Mariana Fonseca.