ASVS Architects is a dynamic and young team of architects and designers lead by Vítor Leal Barros graduated in Oporto School of Architecture. Since 2005, ASVS has developed several projects in Portugal and abroad, covering Urban Planning, Architecture, Interior, Product and Graphic Design. ASVS Architects addresses a concept of studio whose activity goes further than the provision of architectural services, extending its scope to Design and Art, through the implementation of a Concept Design Store – A Loja da Casa Verde in its headquarters. In parallel, ASVS develops a project of cultural dynamics integrated on the creative process of the studio and the design store – A Loja da Casa Verde. The project tries to build a discussion platform that encourages the overlap of theories, concepts and ideas relating to contemporary issues of architecture and urban planning, design and arts.
In 2010 ASVS became also a member of LB Group, composed by two other brands: ‘Key Solutions’ (contract) and ‘IMOLB’ (real estate investments).
‘A Loja da Casa Verde' is a brand created by ASVS Architects. It is a concept design store inspired on the Portuguese cultural tradition, located at the Oporto’s commercial heart - Santa Catarina Street, 678 (ASVS Headquarters). The objective of the store is to concentrate on a single space several Portuguese designers and artists, sharing synergies, which find on ‘A Loja da Casa Verde’ a great opportunity to exhibit and promote their products. The final consumer (national or international) may find on ‘A Loja da Casa Verde' a dynamic, alternative and welcoming space with a particular selection of authors and products that reflect the best of the Portuguese contemporary creativity.