Twin Houses, Freamunde



November 2007



Under Construction



Celso Barros

Urban typologies. Repetition and rhythm.
The solution presented seeks to integrate eight twin houses by the standardization of facades and volumes, to ensure harmony and unity to the group. In terms of patch deployment, construction area, heights and clearances to the lot’s limits, the solution closely follows the guidelines stipulated in the regulation of the allotment.
The buildings present T3 and T4 housing typologies. The ground floor, which is the social floor of the houses, is higher than the lot entrance level, to allow a better access for the basement while providing greater privacy for the spaces facing the street. Like the typical 1930's English courtyard-house, and given the solar orientation of the terrain, the kitchens were placed north, facing the main street, and the public rooms on the opposite side, directly connected to the interior courtyards within the lots.
The first floor is occupied by the private spaces of the house: rooms and suites with exterior balconies.