House Verneuil, Clamart, France

October 2014


The project tries to correspond to the client demands: a great open-space composed by the living, dining and kitchen areas, with individualized spaces for the desk/guest room, bathroom, sports area and laundry on the ground floor. The main intention on the ground floor was to design a continuous space, disguising the building’s structure without compromising its fluidity. The materials are sober and smooth giving an elegant and comfortable look with few furniture elements. The use of sliding doors in each individualized room increases the sense of spaciousness, depending on the use they may acquire throughout the house’s life. All cabinets and storages were included on the main walls to avoid space restrictions.

On the upper floor, a lounge/reading area leads to the parent’s and daughter’s bedrooms. The parent’s room profits from the highest ceiling of the front window. The bedroom is continuous to the bath and dressing areas, integrating them as part of the room itself. The materials on the upper floor follow the same look of the ground floor, giving the entire house a sense of connectivity between spaces.