Patio House at Figueiró, Paços de Ferreira
April 2006
Sandra Barros
The domestic space - memory and the intimacy.
The house rises around an outdoor patio as element of confluence and spatial organization, inspired by a local reminiscence – a rural granite threshing floor.
The ground floor contains the social areas. The house turns inwards and becomes anonymous to the surrounding landscape. The spaces obtain depth by the physical and visual relationships they establish, and can function as independent rooms or as a single space, through the opening of glass panels facing the central courtyard.
The first floor is designed in the opposite way, and opens itself to the surroundings through the bedroom terrace, establishing a privileged relationship with the Lamoso’s valley.
Massive volumes, robust and horizontal are typical from Portuguese architecture. Since the Romanesque cathedrals (much less vertical than other European) or the Plain Architecture (Portuguese and Andalusian Style called ‘Chão’) in which these characteristics are particularly evident, this project reinterprets this vocabulary and uses it as the main language.