House in D. Manuel II Street, Porto

June 2017

Construction Documentation

Vítor Leal Barros


Adapting the Liberal Typology

The house in D. Manuel II is characteristic from the Liberal period in Oporto. Like many buildings of the same era, it underwent several transformations over time, in order to adapt the original bourgeois single family typology from the 19th century to a multifamily building. However, the interventions did not detract its original morphology, and the building still retains several elements of great architectural and spatial interest.

The project tried mainly to keep the two dwellings resulting from the previous interventions.  They were adapted to the current comfort requirements, without changing the construction logic or eliminating the primordial finishes and materials still in good condition.

The program was redistributed in order to accomplish two comfortable dwellings, of T1 and T3 typologies. The main conceptual gesture of the intervention was the introduction of 'functional boxes' in the existing spaces – independent volumes covered by wooden panels, which shelter the technical areas of the building – standing out the original rooms with generous areas and lovely high ceilings.