Casa na Calçada do Monte, Lisboa

May 2017

Projecto de Execução

Isabelle Rosè e Paul Schmidt


How to recover?


The Calçada do Monte apartment is located in Graça, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Lisbon. Overlooking the Castle of São Jorge, Baixa-Chiado and Alcântara, it became imperative that the relation between the interior spaces should be unequivocal with the city.

The typology, developed in a 1920s erudite building, retains its vintage personality, but seeks to adapt to the spatial and functional needs of a contemporary living. The logic of ‘canal distribution’ - a corridor that links to all spaces of the dwelling - has been changed to a logic of juxtaposed spaces - where the circulation is established directly through the rooms. With this, the project eliminates the 'dead spaces' of the typology and expands the useful areas of the social compartments.

The project also includes the redefinition and use of the attic, with a direct and privileged relation between interior spaces and the city, through an exterior patio defined by large glazed surfaces.

The original materials, textures and colours are maintained whenever it is possible. When it is not possible, the project assumes its contemporary character.