Residential Building at Monte de Sta. Catarina, Oporto

May 2010
Construction Documentation
Maria Aurora Abreu and Raúl Abreu
The existing building, from the beginning of the 20th century, with 200 sq. meters divided between two floors, is situated in the historical centre of Monte de Sta. Catarina, in Lordelo do Ouro, Oporto. This volume houses four different families with unfavourable conditions of living and comfort.
The project sought to develop residential typologies capable of giving users better living conditions, without neglecting the architectonic importance of the building in the historical. The design returned the building to its original characteristics, by demolishing the annex constructions that deformed its morphology.
Next to the original building, we design a new volume, openly contemporary and essential to the accomplishment of the program (given the scarcity and paucity of the useful areas of the main construction). The new volume establishes a cordial relationship with the surroundings, respecting its heights and design of the facades.