Eiriz House

February 2016

Construction Documentation

Sérgio Pinheiro e Elsa Ribeiro



Formally the house clearly is divided into two volumes: a compact base coated in granite (ground floor), which corresponds to the volume already built, on which rests the new platform for the rooms and garage. The roof of the ground floor of the volume gives way to a huge open terrace, allowing a panoramic view of the surrounding space from the rooms.Given the topography of the terrain, with steep slope in the east-west axis, the goal was for all the volumes of the building follow its natural profile. Thus, the volume of the garage is located slightly elevated with respect to the room platform, minimizing the impact of the ramps connecting the street to the house level.

In contrast to the estereotomic image of the existing volume, robust and with occasional openings, the upper floor has a tectonic nature, lighter and open to the surroundings. The intersection of the vertical planes of wood with horizontal planes dematerializes the higher volume of the house, creating the illusion of a single floor house placed on a massive stone.

Placing the higher volume of the house, in 'L' shape, defines outdoor spaces with different characteristics within the plot, some more open to the west valley, others more
private and intimate facing east.