Arcozelo House, Vila Nova de Gaia

June 2015

Under Construction




Empreitarte - Const. Civil Lda.


The Arcozelo’s house is located in an urban masterplan from the 80’s without any extraordinary references, both in terms of regulation or of the built landscape. Its construction on a plot of two fronts proves to be so liberating in the design, as restricting on privacy concerns, especially on the ground floor relation with the two streets. The location uptown is the main value of the plot, thanks to its relation with the seaside. 

Conceptually the house is clearly divided in two principles: the base (ground floor), which recreates its own landscape and denies the surroundings, and the upper body, which is dematerialized in two large terraces and claims a direct connection with the horizon and the sea.

The deployment plan is a mirror of the house aside, controlling its relationship with the existing buildings. New spaces were redefined inside the plot by the base volume, shaped in compact sawed basalt, which occasionally opens through outdoor patios around the main social spaces (entrance, living room and office). The higher volume, intended for the private spaces, stretches along the base by the two terraces of the bedrooms, searching a more committed relationship with the surroundings.