Antas Apartment

June 2016

Under Construction

Tiago Ferreira and Ana Stella


Empreitarte - Const. Civil Lda.

Undo, and Redo the Original

The Antas Apartment design aims to return the typology its original charm and architectural characteristics, adapting it to the contemporary lifestyle of a young couple.

Through the apartment’s life, successive amendments were replacing and changing the space materiality, nullifying the initial character of the apartment, which pointedly marked the 60’s in Oporto. The current design reintroduces the original pavements and finishings, keeps the high ceilings without plasterboards for lighting infrastructures, and retains the private rooms original form.

The great transformation occurs in the social area, by the elimination of a small room between the kitchen and the living room, fostering a free dialogue between the two areas and improving daylight on the most central areas of the apartment.