Interior Design of Classic King Room Sofitel, United Arab Emirates
Yolanda Murillo, Architect
May 2011
Design Study
Inspired by the rigorous plaster work of the mosques and Muslim palaces, we recreated a geometrical pattern which fills the ceiling and the walls of the hotel unit. It's a decorative element, essential to the room’s environment and a crucial symbolic element of the Muslim culture.
The decorative element of the walls and ceiling extends until it reaches the bed leather panels, which give comfort and elegance to the space.
The idea of cultural overture, between tradition and modernity, expands to the bathroom. Delimited by a glass surface, this solution allows a constant and permanent daylight on the bath area. The issues of intimacy and privacy are controlled by a curtain that covers the entire volume of the bathroom.
The selected colour palette revolves around shades of beige, sometimes lighter, sometimes more intense, punctuated occasionally by golden elements (faucets and lamps). The floor carpet gives the accommodation unit a relaxed and elegant ambient.