Bento de Freitas Hotel, Vila do Conde
February 2009
Construction Documentation
Ana Luísa Andrade
The intervention as a punctual reflection of the patrimony.
The project adapts and reformulates a classified building from the 18th century, to the sophistication demanded by the increasingly more aware costumers of this kind of charm hotels. The building shows singular and representative marks of the bourgeois architecture of the late 18th century, typical from northern Portugal small towns. It shows rural traces on the base (loggia of small height, without decoration, which the main function was storage for agriculture purposes), opposed to the upper floors, with urban characteristics reflected by the facades design and by the art nouveau decorative elements.
The program consisted in the reformulation of the social spaces of the hotel, the introduction of one more bedroom, the replacement of the service areas, the redefinition of the bathroom areas and the construction of a Cafe inside the lot, replacing an existent annex.
Having as reference the work of the North-American artist Dan Graham, namely his glass and iron pavilions, the conceptual base for the intervention was this game of reflections and transparencies which, in a subtle and almost imperceptive way, mixes the construction with the surrounding environment.