Mezzanine Floor Interior Design, African Union Grand Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

February 2013

Design Study

Koher e Calgari

The 'African Union Grand Hotel' is a multipurpose hotel complex, located next to the diplomatic quarter of the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa. It was designed for presidential, diplomatic and financial visitors to Ethiopia’s capital city. It is composed by rooms and suites, meeting rooms, numerous restaurants and bars, spa, swimming pool and a business center. It is located at Starbet road, a few meters from the African Union headquarters.
ASVS’s study for the ‘African Union Grand Hotel' covers the interior design of the Mezzanine Floor spaces, including the Ballroom (the main multipurpose room of the hotel), the TV Lounge/Piano Bar and other social areas involving the two referred spaces.
The size and the unique features of the equipment, rated as a 7 star hotel, require sophisticated spaces, extremely comfortable and whose image should remain in visitor’s memories. ASVS’s proposal tries to combine luxury with elegance, introducing some decorative elements of the local culture, giving them a new cosmopolitan and international dimension.