Socio-Cultural Center in Reinosa, Spain

December 2013


Ayuntamiento de Reinosa

The concept for the Socio-Cultural Centre in Reinosa was born from the idea of 'market' as a place for meeting and concentration of people - a market for the arts, a vehicle for the dissemination of the local culture. 
From the pre-existing walls that define the silhouette of the new building's basement, overlaps a large volume including all uses and activities of the developed program. The foyer, a large circulatation axis within the building, crosses the stair/auditorium, leading to the mezzanine floor. The large amplitude of the two spaces, gives them the double function of distribution channels and crowd spaces inside the building. Events like 'flea markets', temporary art, crafts and regional products exhibits, performing concerts and periodic activities can and should happen in these spaces, without resorting to costly infrastructures.
The reinforced concrete structure, comprised by eight cross shaped columns, supports the upper volume of the building and defines all others interior spaces, related to each other by red lacquered sliding doors. Opening or closing it, can individualize or group the rooms, accomplishing the needs of the proposed uses or introducing others, not foreseen by the program. Slide it, adapt it and use it.