Serlachius Museum Gösta Extension, Mänttä, Finland
March 2011
Serlachius Museum Gösta
The landscape and architectural richness of the intervention area became the main premises to the development of the new extension of the Serlachius Gösta Museum.  The architectonical importance of Joenniemi Manor in the surrounding context, the garden, the lake and the Taavetinsaari Island, cohabit in such a balanced and delicate way, making us questioning how we should design the new building, with the dimensions and conditions demanded by the program, without subverting what seems naturally perfect. The creative exercise which led us to the current solution came up by these principles, with an attempt to imagine the evidence, the obvious building for a place with so rich and interesting features as Joenniemi area. It was intended above all a quiet and discreet solution, non affirmative, in which the formal and architectonical characterization didn’t take advantage of the surroundings and would be able of articulate and connect the pre-existing elements as a great transition space between them.