Public Competition for the Project Elaboration of Setubal's Municipal Library

April 2013


Municipality of Setubal 

The building we propose openly aims the iconic charge of a public facility, without neglecting all the characteristics and constraints of the surrounding space. The form of the new library is based on the comprehension and understanding of the surroundings; it is not an abstract formal exercise which seeks notoriety by itself.

The proposed building - a volume with sloping roof – it's inspired in the nearby constructions. It's this base that triggers the metamorphosis that transforms the Library into a distinctly contemporary object,  avoiding the mimicry of the surrounding space, but  engaging a dialogue with it, including alignments and rhythms of facades, giving them other senses and assuming the silhouette of a house - a house for books. This conceptual game of perception and adaptation of the pre-existing to contemporaneity is the key of  the entire project development.