Stand Clara Home, I Saloni 2016, Milan (Italy)
Stand Clara Home, ExportHome 2015, Porto
Stand Clara Home, Intergift 2014, Madrid (Spain)
Stand Clara Home, IMM 2015, Cologne (Germany)
2014 - 2016
LBF Mobiliário - Lino Barros & Ferreira Lda.
Galliotta Design
ASVS’s concept for the new stand of LBF Mobiliário, tries to answer the key challenges proposed by the client by publicizing its new brand 'Clara Home' on the international circuit of design furniture fairs: a strongly contemporary image, flexibility of reconfiguration and adaptation to different exhibition areas and logistics economy. The silhouette of a house - symbol of home – creates the base module of a metal frame with 3m depth. The juxtaposition and orientation of the modules enhances the creation of different combinations and variations that redefine and adjust the stand’s shape to the specificities and available areas for each event. Above the structure, opaque or translucent panels (through tensioned textile fabrics), define the interior spaces and guide the visitors. The brand’s marketing and communication was used as informative and decorative elements highlighting collections and products.