LBS Lifestyle Store, Póvoa de Varzim



September 2011






LBS Mobiliário



The concept 'Lifestyle' of LBS Mobiliário suggests the development of urban spaces, with a sleek and lived profile. The ASVS’s proposal for the architectural project sought to address the program in a flexible and versatile way given the range of products and expository dynamics of the client. Given the configuration and display of the original space, we chose to develop a gallery-space, on two floors. On the first floor, more consensual, the architectural intervention provides all the conditions for products to become the main protagonists, displayed through simple gestures of functionalist character. The lower floor, by its original spatial morphology, suggested the creation of an industrial 'lounge'. The original concrete ceiling was assumed, as well as the walls and the existing infrastructures. A light wall made in polycarbonate was designed as the main illumination source of the room, and serves as background for the decorative pieces exhibit. The architectural design intended primarily to develop the program without taking importance to LBS Lifestyle’s products, leveraging the best exposure conditions, lighting and functionality of the interior spaces.