LBS Lifestyle Store, Guimarães
June 2011
LBS Mobiliário


The concept “Lifestyle” of LBS Mobiliário suggests the development of urban spaces, with an elegant and lived profile.
The client requested a space with three different environments (living room, dining room and bedroom), whose architecture should reflect in a credible way a contemporary and sophisticated house, for a demanding and aware costumer.
ASVS’s proposal sought above all to answer the program in a flexible and versatile way, regarding the exhibition dynamics and the product range of the client (international brands known by its design and quality like Poliform, Glass Italia and Arflex).
The store is composed by a central sector, done in concrete panels (the recepcion and the lounge) and by other two spaces, more neutral, that function as living room and bedroom. In this project, ASVS tried above all to highlight one of its most valuable architectonic concepts: to allow the appropriation and colonization of its projects, seeking a more human and personal architecture.