ASVS Studio, Oporto
February 2007
ASVS Arquitectos Associados, Lda.
Selected Work, 'Respect for Architecture, Oporto 2012', OASRN

Bloquieixo Unipessoal

Light, constructive coherence and spatial versatility.
This project consists on the rehabilitation of an 18th century building in Oporto’s downtown to the new headquarters of ASVS Arquitectos Associados. The program includes the creation of a furniture showroom at the ground floor, an art gallery at the first floor and the architecture studio at the second and last floor.
Each floor was converted into an open space with 50 sq. meters each, characterized for its amplitude and versatility. The traditional masonry walls were respected, as well as the wood framework. The difference between the entrance level and the backyard level led to the creation of a hollow that brings daylight to the lowest floors.
The main facade was reconstructed according to the original project, available at the historical archive, maintaining the design of the stonework and tiles. The window frames were simplified and painted in dark grey, giving rhythm and modernity to the facade.