Coffee shop 'O Basílio', Vila Verde

February 2015


Basílio Coelho


Medidoriginal Unipessoal, Lda.


‘O Basílio’ presents itself as a coffee shop/ bar with multiple valences. Besides the normal services of cafeteria, snack bar and restaurant, it also functions as a gaming room and a bar during the night time. This proposal seeks to clarify and optimize those multiple functions of the establishment, ensuring its best functionality. Thus appears a new, warm and welcoming image that unifies the space. The cafeteria and dining rooms were redefined in a more efficient way, and some new areas for drinks and games were developed, with a more informal and relaxed character, in a strategy of coherence with the overall image of the establishment. The comfort of this cafeteria was a major concern, so this remodel introduces warm and sound-absorption materials, in a way that combines the multifunctionality characteristic of ‘O Basílio’ with the specific convenience of each type of its use.